Justice That Works is a grassroots organization which seeks to end mass incarceration in Arizona. We reject the notion that police or prisons are necessary or that surveilling, violating, caging, or deporting people creates safety. 

We believe that police, prison, and surveillance systems solicit a perverse form of public investment into an immoral system, based on the false narrative that some human beings are disposable. We believe this system is organized to undermine safety, equity and dignity by injecting violence into marginalized communities, creating and perpetuating intergenerational poverty and trauma, and pulling money and resources away social investments that actually create safety—like education, healthcare, mental healthcare, public transportation, etc. 

We are dedicated to ending it or shrinking it into non-existence.



We envision a decolonized world without police, without prisons, without borders, and without white supremacist/racialized capitalism.We envision a world that provides for the flourishing of all human beings, and that respects the value and dignity of all life.


Values and Principles

The process for creating change is just as important as the changes we make. That's why Justice That Works is guided by the following values and principles:

  • We believe in people power. We believe we do more together than we do individually, and we believe that we don't need a single leader as long as we support each other and our collective leadership.

  • We believe in centering our work.  People and communities most impacted by injustice hold the best answers and solutions to overhauling our current unjust legal system. This includes, but is not limited to, communities of color, people living in poverty, LGBTQ individuals, women, people with disabilities, currently and formerly incarcerated/detained individuals, immigrants, religious minorities, and those who otherwise struggle with barriers to inclusion and access to justice.

  • We believe that people most impacted by injustice should hold positions of leadership and decision-making. It is these individuals and communities who will truly transform our current unjust legal system into one that provides equal, humane, restorative and transformative justice for all.

  • We believe in being responsive and accountable to the communities we serve.       

  • We believe that a new justice system is both necessary and possible.