Human Rights

Mass incarceration is a human rights problem.Our prison and criminal justice system is racist, oppressive, destructive, expensive and ineffective.  So, we joined the fight for change. 


Police violence

As mobile technology and social media have become more and more widespread the general public's exposure to police violence has increased significantly. It is not that police violence is an new phenomenon, on the contrary, police violence, especially against black and brown bodies, is an founding characteristic of the institution. This pervaisive violence in POC and poor communities is and has been a human rights issue deeply embedded in the fabric of our nation.


1st amendment rights

During the first few months of the Trump administration we have seen a massive uptick in the suppression of First Amendment rights through state sanctioned violence. 


Phoenix Police

Despite having an African American woman in the position of Police Chief, Phoenix residents far too often are attacked by military style police in our home city.