Dismantling Our Punishment System

Justice that Works seeks to dismantle Arizona's punishment system. Using proven models of abolition, we help Arizona imagine an equitable justice system that serves Arizonans and truly creates a safe society.

Our work keeps families together, helps strengthen the local economy by ensuring individuals remain at home or at work, saves tax dollars that would otherwise be spent on expensive and ineffective means of punishment, and provides restorative justice within our communities.

You can find Justice that Works in the community through:


In order to transform our criminal punishment system, it is necessary to advocate for changes in laws, policies, and systems.  Our proactive campaign work-- from Divest/Invest and No-For Profit Jails-- aids in dismantling or shrinking the system.

Community Organizing

Transformative change comes through people power because we can do more together than individually.  To grow our capacity, we engage communities through service, open meetings, and popular education/convivial learning.  Once together, we invest in building our collective skill set through knowledge sharing in a democratic setting.  

Case ADvocacy

We are not attorneys and do not litigate cases, but we can and do help develop organizing strategies to assist people impacted by the punishment system.