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Open Mic Against Police Violence

  • The Grand Central & McKinley Phoenix, AZ (map)

There are many ways to deal with trauma, anger, frustration, fear, pain, or rage. Writing, story telling, poetry, spoken word, hip-hop, and visual art are some of them. Sharing those works of art is another. 

Justice That Works with The Grand (more people and orgs being included) are helping to make space for people who want to share their artwork that is either about the circumstances that led up to, occured at, or are reflections of the State Sanctioned Police Violence in Phoenix on August 22, 2017. 

It will also be a good time to talk about any of your thought, feelings, or experiences about things like what happened in Charlottesville, the pardon of Arpio, the recent determination about DACA, or the hurican in Texas.

This will also be a space for those who do not wish to share, but would appreciate seeing and/or hearing others processing through what has and continues to happen to our People.

Signups will remain open so that people may come and go as they please and we will do our best to ensure that as many people want to get on stage will have the opportunity to do so. There will be a sign up sheet, but you will be able to sign up until the open mic has come to an end.

Free & All Ages


All are welcome to attend, and since it was not only adults who were harmed by what the Phoenix Police did, we believe the event should be accessible to people of all ages. However, it is very likely that some of the subject matter and/or the language may be abrasive or vulgar because of the events this open mic is a response to. So, if there are some things that you would prefer your children not be exposed to, please exercise caution when chosing to bring them.